27 January, 2007

casio sk-1 - video out

after reading this get lofi article thanks to pC=na, i've started making my casio sk-1 video out bending. i've followed the schematic of gieskes but i've found another way to get the video out from the casio sk-1.

casio sk-1 video out bending schematic

rca video out
contrast potentiometer


rca jack and potentiometer mountedcasio sk-1 video out front view


pcna said...

lo schema è fatto benissimo!il video è a dir poco fantastico hai spaccato!

circuitmaster said...

thats friggin tight! I'll post about that on getlofi as well. Cheers.

reid said...

hey, awesome bend and THANKS SO MUCH for making a schematic, Im about to try this in a few days once I get the right kind of Caps. But I was wondering, you and Gijs both stressed that it was potentially dangerous for your equipment to do this and I was wondering to which piece, the Sk1 or the TV? I dont care about damaging my TV but Id think twice before messing up my bent SK1. Thanks again!

jumpstart said...

both sk-1 and tv. doing a bent is always dangerous. anyway, i am not a video expert but i think this comment on getlofi can help you:
There are 2 types of syncs Hsync and Vsync. Those need to occur every so many lines in order for the TV to lock onto the picture. More information is located here: http://electronics.howstuffworks.com/tv9.htm

Unknown said...

hey thanks for the schematic, i've fiddled around with it and realized you don't need the cap or the diode to get this to work, you can run wire straight from the points on the board to the center of the rca jacks and groud the outside of the rca jack and it works exactly the same, the ... geiske video mod where it gets the blocks of color i can't get that to work at all, his mod looks the same as yours on my tv, but thanks for the schematic