18 June, 2009


as you may have noticed, it's been 2 years since the last update. i'm not (directly) interested anymore in circuit bending. i'm focusing on music, sound design and, as always, a bit of diy.

i don't know if benthack and its content will remain online, if you like something, i suggest you to save it on your hard disk.

if you are interested in my works, check out my new site http://www.carlocastellano.cc/ or http://www.facebook.com/CarloCastellano.cc.

14 June, 2007

jumpstart synth jam


setup: korg dw8000, novation xiosynth, roland pc-200, kurzweil k2600r, jen sx1000 and macbook with logic express

29 January, 2007

yamaha pss6 - circuit bent

i've circuit bent my last toy-keyboard, a yamaha pss-6. i've found an overdrive and a pop effect searching on the IC3 (smaller). the IC2 (bigger) is for totally random noise effects, but too often crashes the toy. i had to replace the speaker with a smaller one to put the two potentiometers for the bends.

yamaha pss-6 overdrive and pop effect schematic

pop effect

pss6_1.mp3 (815 kb) - ovedrive
pss6_2.mp3 (965 kb) - pop effect + ovedrive

the yamaha pss-6the yamaha pss-6 opened
the old big speaker and the new small speaker mountedall components soldered
all components mountedcircuit bent yamaha pss-6 detail

27 January, 2007

casio sk-1 - video out

after reading this get lofi article thanks to pC=na, i've started making my casio sk-1 video out bending. i've followed the schematic of gieskes but i've found another way to get the video out from the casio sk-1.

casio sk-1 video out bending schematic

rca video out
contrast potentiometer


rca jack and potentiometer mountedcasio sk-1 video out front view

11 November, 2006

benthack photos #3

six nintendo controllers mushroom
yamaha pss6 portasound (pss-6) some tickets, unico napoli
six mini toy keyboards a namco plug 'n play tv games, featuring pac-man™, dig dug, galaxian, rally-x, and bosconia
some knob caps bad photo?

26 July, 2006

homemade keytar

a friend gave me an old master keyboard, a roland pc-200. i decided to transform it into a keytar, a strap-on keyboard. i've used two guitar/bass knobs for strap and two buttons (bending up and modulation) and one swich (for permanent modulation). it's easy to do bendings with the joystick (even if it has no neck like other keytar) but with the button it's nicer.

bending up button
modulation button
modulation switch (on/off)

knob for the strapholes for mods
bending up and modulation pointsbuttons and swtich mounted
side viewthe keytar, strap-on master keyboard

22 April, 2006

my analog synths


jen sx1000 (analog monophonic synthesizer)

crumar performer (analog strings-machine/brass-synth)

07 March, 2006

jen sx1000 modded

about two months ago i bought this analog synth. a poor man's moog produced in italy at the end of 70ies. now i'm using it with some behringer stomp boxes (flanger, chorus, tube overdrive). i've searched infos and schematics to add a sub-oscillator to get a more typical moog sound. with this mod i can have a -1 octave square added to the original oscillator. if you want to do that with your jen sx1000 read this (i haven't found the author). i also added a power jack instead of the built-in power cable and re-coloured the knob caps.

sub-osc (square -1 octave)
power jack

jensx1000_1.mp3 (730 kb) - nice lead with some effects
jensx1000_2.mp3 (633 kb) - sub-osc misc sounds
jensx1000_3.mp3 (518 kb) - sub-osc misc sounds

jen sx1000 front paneljen sx1000 back panel
jen sx1000 openedthe sub-oscillator circuit
the sub-oscillaotor wired to the jenthe sub-oscillaotor wired to the jen