22 December, 2005

casio ml-1 - soft circuit bent

inspired by a comment on benthack photos #2 i've decided to soft circuit bending my casio ml-1 magical light. i've added two common bends: a line-out with a switch on/off for the speaker and a battery potentiometer.

battery potentiometer

ml1_1.mp3 (1,44 mb) - misc sounds

the casio ml-1 opened with some componentsthe hole for the potentiometer
the potentiometer mountedthe potentiometer mounted with the knob
the potentiometer mounted with the knobthe line-out jack and the switch for the speaker
all components mountedthe soft circuit bent casio ml-1


Jon said...

Whats the huge fuckin' file for?
Nice pics.

jumpstart said...

i've used it for switch and jack holes.

Adrian said...

Nice:) Thank you!

I'll have to get an potentiometer, I guess from looking at the pic that you are using an 470ohm one? A friendly guy told me he had an 1Kohm one in his ML-1. Have you tested different pots?

I'll have to get some more parts. Do you (or anyone else) have any recommendations on usefull parts for circuit bending? I have almost all the tools (I guess), but not the parts. I've heard there's some bending probe, but I guess it's the same as the audio probe used by DIY guitar effect builders, is it so?

Happy x-mas jumpstart and all benders and readers of this article:)

jumpstart said...

yes i've used a 470ohm but only about 1 quarter of the roll produces nice glitches, the remain just turn off the casio. i think we should get some pots of less then 470ohm.

for the parts...i've some potentiometers (about 4k, 10k, 24k, 100k) a lot of various resistors, photoresistors, capacitators, jacks, switches, push-buttons and test leads.

happy xmas to you and thanks for posting on my blog :)