08 December, 2005

benthack photos #2

my piano a part of my setup: ekosynth p15, roland vk-7, cme uf7, kurzweil k2600r
my setup: korg dw-8000, roland vk-7, cme uf7, roland d-50. yamaha p-90, kurzweil k2600r nintendo, super nintendo and sega master system II controllers
2 nintendo (nes version and mattel version), 2 super nintendo, 2 sega master system II a crazy setup: circuit bent casio sk-1, gameboy advance sp, noizer II
casio sk-1, casio ml-1 magical light, casio vl-tone vl-1, bontempi es3100 super mario
mcdonald's mini furby furby (possessed)


Adrian said...

I have an Casio ML-1 just like that one. I would like to bend it, but I don't know how to bend things:( The only thing I've done is wiggeling the batteries until it crash and makes some heavy noise.
Are you going to bend yours?

jumpstart said...

i don't know if i want to bend it. i really love the ml-1 becouse i play it when i travel :)
like all casio you should try to connect pins on the ICs (if i remember well there is only one IC)
maybe in the future i'll add some safe bend like a potentiometer between batteries and the board (like you) and and other things not too invasive.

Anonymous said...


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