18 May, 2005

wave vessel - circuit bent tv

a television-turned-audio oscilloscope machine. a tutorial can be found here.

2 visual mode


bending the tvbending the tv
side viewside view
wave vesselwave vessel


Ken said...

I still don't get how this works... I mean, the audio goes into the horizonal, and the vertical OR the horizontal from the tv board goes into the vertical on the tube... but which one (input 1/input 2) puts the audio wave on? When the switch is the other way, does the TV work as normal?? This is all very confusing...

Ken said...

Another question... can you plug in music? Because all the video's I've seen just plays random noises.

jumpstart said...

so...for the censtron wave vessel the audio goes into the horizontals and you can switch the verticals from the tube to the verticals or the horizontals. i've added some capacitors somewhere (can't remember well) to get other effects.

sure, you can plug in music, however you should have a huge volume for the signal.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

With this mod, can you use stereo inputs and pipe one channel as Vertical and the other channel as Hoz?