14 May, 2005

noizer II - square wave synth

an evolution of noizer I: a 555 based oscillator noise synth. inspired by the q.r.ghazala's lumivox II and this tone generator schematic.

2 vco (square wave)
2 pitch potentiometer
2 pitch photo resistor
pseudo lfo (vco 2) + variant (diod)
fxs (drive, milk)

noizer2_1.mp3 (939 kb) - misc sounds

the board with all componentsthe board with all components
mounting in a casemounting in a case
side viewside view
noizer II


Ben Smith said...

would you be willing to sell this? i'd be interested!....

jumpstart said...

i can do more of that...and maybe better. if you want, email me at: layla7 @ libero . it

Anonymous said...

pseudo lfo (vco 2)

What is the VCO 2?


jumpstart said...

the vco 2 is the second 555 oscillator that act like a "pseudo lfo" for the first oscillator.

kroma said...

Do you have a shematic of that ?

jumpstart said...

no, but you can mix two of that:

razvan said...

can you draw a schematic ? i`m very intrested for this thing

jumpstart said...

sorry, i don't have time. basically there are two of this: http://skizzoidman.altervista.org/_altervista_ht/tone.jpg

then you can try to "circuit bend" what you have.