26 July, 2006

homemade keytar

a friend gave me an old master keyboard, a roland pc-200. i decided to transform it into a keytar, a strap-on keyboard. i've used two guitar/bass knobs for strap and two buttons (bending up and modulation) and one swich (for permanent modulation). it's easy to do bendings with the joystick (even if it has no neck like other keytar) but with the button it's nicer.

bending up button
modulation button
modulation switch (on/off)

knob for the strapholes for mods
bending up and modulation pointsbuttons and swtich mounted
side viewthe keytar, strap-on master keyboard


aishabag said...

do you sell 'pollution box'? i love it!!!


jumpstart said...

pollution box?? maybe the noizer? :)

Cixxx J said...

i want it one too!

pC=na said...

la keytar sta ben, ma il completino ra partit e pallon abbash u palaz te lo boccio!;p
(sei libero d nn approvare i miei commenti:)

Anonymous said...

OOH - a use for my knackered old PC200...but can u tell me why the two red lights on mine are permanently on & it doesn't transmit MIDI ?