07 March, 2006

jen sx1000 modded

about two months ago i bought this analog synth. a poor man's moog produced in italy at the end of 70ies. now i'm using it with some behringer stomp boxes (flanger, chorus, tube overdrive). i've searched infos and schematics to add a sub-oscillator to get a more typical moog sound. with this mod i can have a -1 octave square added to the original oscillator. if you want to do that with your jen sx1000 read this (i haven't found the author). i also added a power jack instead of the built-in power cable and re-coloured the knob caps.

sub-osc (square -1 octave)
power jack

jensx1000_1.mp3 (730 kb) - nice lead with some effects
jensx1000_2.mp3 (633 kb) - sub-osc misc sounds
jensx1000_3.mp3 (518 kb) - sub-osc misc sounds

jen sx1000 front paneljen sx1000 back panel
jen sx1000 openedthe sub-oscillator circuit
the sub-oscillaotor wired to the jenthe sub-oscillaotor wired to the jen